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QLD Senior Science

Queensland senior science is changing

We’re creating the resources that you’ll need for the new syllabus,
in time for you to get ready.

Explore our new Queensland senior science series

Made for the new syllabus

The QCAA syllabus is changing.

We're creating a brand new series. We’re putting in the time to match the series to the new syllabus so that, when the changes come in, you can keep focused on your students to achieve their outcomes.

QLD Senior Science
QLD Senior Science

Local authors, local content

Our author team knows Queensland. That’s because the lead authors are local qualified and experienced senior science educators used to the state’s approach to teaching and learning. Several authors have been working closely on the QCE syllabus development on QCAA panels. They understand what’s needed for the new course and the demands on Queensland schools.


Teacher support is a click away

We're creating a suite of support materials to make teaching to the new syllabus a little easier including sample assessment items, and mandatory prac support with full lab tech checklists, recipes, and answers.

QLD Senior Science
QLD Senior Science

Get ready for new assessments

Our series will help students develop the skills required to prepare them for the new internal assessments and external exams.

Seamless 7-12 transition

With Pearson Science 7-10 2nd Edition and our upcoming senior series, students benefit from a seamless transition across the junior and senior years.

QLD Senior Science

Discover the components

Discover the components


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