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EPAA 2017- Best Student Resource, Senior English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education

Built from the ground up for the 2016 - 2020 VCE English Study Design,
this series puts the learner at the centre by providing practical support with a focus on skills.

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Skills Book

The Pearson English VCE Skills Book comprehensively covers the requirements of the new Study Design.


Chapters include step-by-step guides for students.

  • Comparing texts – this chapter outlines what students need to compare, how to compare and essay formats and examples.
  • Creating texts – this chapter comprises detailed instructions about creating texts and writing a creative response.
  • Reading texts – this chapter guides students through the process of reading a text to responding and how to master the text response essay.
  • Presenting argument and Analysing Language – these two chapters outline in detail the process of understanding, using and analysing persuasive language to developing an argument and writing a response.

The Pearson English VCE Skills Book focuses on the skills students need to master VCE English. For extra support, Section 2 comprises chapters which guide and instruct students on improving their skills.


The Pearson English VCE Skills Book is packaged with an Access Card to Reader+ which is available online or offline on any device - PC/Mac, Android tablet, and iPad

Sample spread from Pearson English VCE Skills Book
Sample spread from Pearson English VCE Skills Book


Exam Guide

The Exam Guide unpacks the exam, helping students prepare for the final Unit 4 Exam.


Features of the Exam Guide include:

  • sample responses
  • practice questions
  • exam tips.

Preview sample pages from Pearson English VCE Exam Guide (1.2 Mb)

EAL Guide

The Pearson English VCE EAL Guide covers the new VCE English and English as an Additional Language Study Design.


It covers the following topics:

  • Tips for EAL Learners
  • Note-taking
  • Writing the comparative text response
  • Analysing and presenting argument
  • Preparing for the new Area of Study Listening to Texts


Sample spread from the Pearson English VCE EAL guide
Sample spread from Pearson English VCE EAL Guide

Sample spread from In Focus: The Lieutenant
Sample spread from Pearson English VCE In Focus: The Lieutenant

In Focus guides

The In Focus guides are individual study guides that support prescribed VCE texts.

Features of the In Focus guides include:

  • a detailed overview of the text
  • sample responses
  • practice questions. 

Comparing guides

The Comparing guides are a complete set of resources and each guide will compare the two texts paired by VCAA.


Features of the Comparing guides include:

  • a detailed overview of the two texts
  • a comparison of the two texts
  • sample responses
  • practice questions. 

Each component is available as a blended print and digital resource or as a stand alone digital resource.


Sample spread from Comparing Guide: Malala and Made in Dagenham
Sample spread from Pearson English VCE Comparing Guide:
Malala and Made in Dagenham

Sample Pages

Download sample pages from the following components of Pearson English VCE.

Pearson English VCE Skills Book (1.5 Mb)
Pearson English VCE EAL Guide (314 Kb)
Pearson English VCE Exam Guide (1.2 Mb)

Comparing Guides

Comparing Ransom and Invictus (850 Kb)
Comparing The namesake and Joyful Strains (1.7 Mb)
Comparing Tracks and Into the Wild (323 Kb)
Comparing I am Malala and Made In Dagenham (374 Kb)
Comparing Stasiland and 1984 (667 Kb)
Comparing The Longest Memory and Black Diggers (1.3 Mb)
Comparing The Crucible and Year of Wonders (823 Kb)
Comparing Bombshells and The Penelopiad (228 Kb)

In Focus Guides

In Focus: The Lieutenant (1.2 Mb)
In Focus: The Golden Age (1.5 Mb)
In Focus: The Left Hand of Darkness (1.1 Mb)
In Focus: Behind the Beautiful Forevers (6.5 Mb)



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