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Pearson Biology Chemistry Physics NSW

Teach the new Stage 6 Biology, Chemistry & Physics Syllabuses
with confidence.

Comprehensive and accessible

Comprehensive and accessible

Specifically created to be comprehensive and accessible for students, engaging them with content written by leading educators. Developed to help students prepare for HSC exams with a focus on depth of knowledge and application of skills.

Teacher support is just a click away

Teacher support is just a click away

Teacher support material includes fully editable scope and sequence charts, syllabus grids and depth study assessment rubrics, fully worked solutions, and support for the practical activities in the Skills and Assessment books.
Contact your education consultant to access teacher support.

New digital offering

New digital offering

Each Student Book comes with Reader+, the next generation eBook. Get access to full Student Book content as well as bonus multimedia assets. Built to work both online and offline.

Current and engaging content that supports NSW learners.

  • Written for the new Stage 6 Biology, Chemistry and Physics syllabuses.
  • Intuitive and engaging design.
  • SkillBuilders step students through key scientific and mathematical skills.
  • Working Scientifically chapters target the application of Working Scientifically skills.
  • Student Skills and Assessment Activity Book includes a toolkit, worksheets, practical activities and suggested depth studies.
  • Each Student Book comes with Reader+ our next generation eBook.
  • Written by teachers who understand NSW senior science classrooms.
Pearson Biology Chemistry Physics NSW Laptop Pages
Pearson Biology Chemistry Physics NSW Exam Support

Preparing students for the new assessment requirements.

Pearson Biology, Pearson Chemistry and Pearson Physics New South Wales are designed to upskill and help prepare students for the new assessment requirements particularly the depth studies and preparation for the HSC examination.

Developed by highly experienced, well-known and expert author teams.

Built specifically for NSW classrooms and the new Stage 6 Senior Science Syllabuses. The content has been written and reviewed by a team of qualified and experienced science teachers and educators including Jeff Stanger, Amber Dommel, Norbert Dommel, Sue Siwinski, Kathryn Hillier and Jim Sturgiss.

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Pearson Biology Chemistry Physics NSW

Depth studies

Comprehensive depth studies that teachers and students will love.

  • Within the Skills and Assessment Activity Books we are providing at least one depth study per module.
  • Each depth study has been designed and written in a way that encourages flexibility and allows students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Together the depth studies provided per year level will meet the minimum of 15 hours allocated to depth studies.
  • A variety of investigations/activities will be provided including but not limited to practical investigations, secondary sourced investigations, presentations and research assignments.
  • Teacher support and a suggested marking rubric will be provided as teacher support for each depth study.
  • Each depth study assesses the working scientifically outcomes of ‘Questioning and Predicting’ and ‘Communicating’ and an additional two working scientifically skills outcomes as well as at least one knowledge and understanding outcome.

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