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Colour their world with learning

Learning is a journey. Who knows where the next step will lead?
Guide your students with a consistent approach to learning across their secondary school years.

We have a comprehensive range of resources, designed to be engaging and effective, and tailored to each stage of the NSW syllabus. It’s a blended approach to learning and teaching across maths, science and geography. Our suite includes renowned products like Pearson Science New South Wales and New Senior Mathematics.

We want to empower you to colour the world with learning.

A bright future for New South Wales mathematics

NSW-mathsNew Senior Mathematics, 3rd Edition is a timely update on a respected series.

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For a consistent approach to teaching maths across 7-12, have a look at Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales for years 7-10.

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All roads lead to student success with NSW geography


Global Interactions Year 11 and Year 12, 3rd Edition has been fully revised.

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For a seamless transition from 7-12, explore Pearson Geography New South Wales to pave the way through their junior years.

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Prepare for blast off with NSW science
for 7-12

NSW-scienceTeach the new stage 6 syllabus for biology, chemistry and physics confidently with our full range of resources for 11-12.

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Also checkout Pearson Science NSW 7-10 for a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning science from 7-10.

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Covered for maths, science and geography?

Check out some more of our featured resources below

Spark students’ curiosity with iiTomo for 7-12


Teachers and students of Japanese in NSW now have a 7–12 series that features up-to-date, authentic language and content, in a set of supportive resources aligned to the new syllabus.

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The annual update of a market leader


NSW Economics was created by renowned economists Tim Dixon and John O’Mahony, alongside a team of experienced researchers. Each resource is updated every year to include the most recent data and economic issues.

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