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Evidence suggests that social and emotional health and learning are interdependent. By ensuring both teacher and student wellbeing and cognitive ability is a focus within Australian schools, we can encourage a greater participation in the workforce, more social inclusion and more effective building of
Australia’s social capital.

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Improve student learning with key strategies for educators:

  • Learning effective strategies to improve working memory and students’ capacity to learn
  • Understanding the importance of neuroscience in learning and its practical applications
  • Recognising bullying behaviours and victimisation and how to address these
  • Developing methods to treat targets of school bullying
  • Developing prosocial values and resiliency skills in students
  • Improving student social skills to enhance academic achievement.

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Wellbeing insight:

"Educators who understand neuroscience research are best placed to use this knowledge to benefit learners."
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User story: Read an example of a Wellbeing program

Embedding wellbeing and resiliency skills into daily classroom practice.

Approached by a cluster of Primary and Secondary schools in Queensland, Pearson Schools Consulting Services developed a wellbeing program to foster teachers’ skills in identifying student issues in a more timely and accurate manner, and in embedding a culture of wellbeing and resilience for all members of the school communities.

A 12 month program that included a Launch event - Conference, a series of workshops and masterclasses delivered by high profile expert educational and clinical speakers and assessments of social and emotional wellbeing in students, was developed in collaboration with stakeholders as a means to delivering the expected results for the cluster.

A formative review and appraisal process of the program ensured that the cluster engaged in a program that met success measures and enhanced the wellbeing and resiliency strategies used in the schools.

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