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Our learning and teaching suite focuses on Literacy as a core skill that all learners need to succeed at school and in life. We develop programs that support schools through their network to grow their capability across Literacy strategies including benchmarking, intervention and differentiation. We also have a range of clinical assessments that can aid schools in identifying specific learning, language and Literacy issues in students.

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Enhance pedagogical practice by:

  • Using data effectively to improve student outcomes
  • Developing 21st century skills in students
  • Learning differentiation strategies to cater for all learners 
  • Learning strategies that foster independent and active learning.

Improve student Literacy by:

  • Understanding benchmarking and how to apply it
  • Developing a suite of intervention strategies to cater for students along the Literacy continuum
  • Diagnostically assessing a range of language difficulties
  • Learning to make Literacy a part of every lesson, regardless of subject matter.


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Learning and Teaching insight:

"Education policy should be backed by evidence - but relying solely on evidence can stifle innovation."
Read about this insight in the paper What works in education? A tough love message from John Hattie >

User story: Read an example of a Learning and Teaching: Literacy program

Demonstrated literacy growth through the use of benchmarking and explicit intervention learning and teaching strategies.

Pearson Schools Consulting Services was engaged by a regional educational agency to help them improve Literacy outcomes through a ‘relevant, collaborative and sustainable’ professional learning program for Primary Teachers.

A User Needs Analysis Workshop initiated the development and delivery of a 3-year program that included in situ face-to-face professional learning sessions, an online learning community for teachers to share explicit and successful learning and teaching strategies, resources and ideas and several ‘mini conferences’ that fostered collegiality and enabled teachers to meet with educational experts.

The formative process that included scheduled program reviews and use of evidence, enabled us to achieve the intended learning and teaching goals.

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