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In our ongoing effort to improve learner outcomes, leadership has been identified as a key contributing factor. it is through leadership capacity, critical thinking, whole-system change programs and leadership development that we can best leverage a school or school network’s most critically important
resource: its human capital.

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Improve your school leaders and aspirant leaders by:

  • Developing a growth culture for continuous school improvement
  • Improving decision making amongst staff to deliver more effective strategy
  • Enhancing leadership capacity
  • Understanding the attributes of your leadership team to foster effective teamwork
  • Identifying and developing emerging leaders to build expertise within your network
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Understanding succession planning and recruitment

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Leadership development insight:

"To see sustained improvement in student outcomes, treat professional learning as a
change management process"
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User story: Read an example of a Leadership Development program

A future-focused strategy to enhance leaders, identify aspirant leaders
and leverage teacher expertise to improve student learning.

A network in Melbourne comprising of primary and secondary schools engaged Pearson Schools Consulting Services to help them in improving their leadership capacity.

Through a collaborative process, we conducted a User Needs Analysis to identify critical needs and success factors. The analysis uncovered additional challenges and so the program encompassed not only enhancing the capacity of the network’s Principals, but also included aspirant leader development and professional learning that presented strategies for future-focused network wide change.

The implemented program offered a bespoke combination of various delivery modes, and individual and team assessments to foster personal growth and team collaboration both within and across the network schools.

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