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Our consultants are passionate about education and curious about you. They will ask questions to deeply understand what you are trying to achieve and what success looks like.

We will then draw on our expertise locally and globally to design a unique, long term (ie 6-24 months) evidence informed program which aligns to the agreed outcomes.

We are conscious that budgets are tight and will look to make each program engaging, effective, and most importantly value for money. Our school improvement programs focus on three areas:

Leadership Development, Learning and Teaching with a focus on Literacy, and Student and Teacher Wellbeing encompassing social, emotional and cognitive learning, wellbeing and resilience.


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Leadership Development


Programs that develop leaders, aspirant leaders and facilitate recruitment. Read about our programs, user studies, industry news and more.

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Learning and Teaching

Improve educator effectiveness to enhance learning, particularly in Literacy. Read about our programs, user studies, industry news and more.

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Learning and teaching programs, with a focus on Literacy



Student and Teacher Wellbeing

Learning enrichment services

Programs that foster wellbeing in teachers and students including social, emotional and cognitive learning strategies. Read more about our programs.

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Why work with us?

Research shows that student learning outcomes can be improved when schools implement a long-term strategy that embeds continuous, in situ professional learning that focuses on whole school improvement. That’s why we’ve developed an approach that delivers a holistic program for educators at all levels, implemented across 6 to 24 months.

In collaboration with you, we plan, implement and evaluate practices that enhance teacher effectiveness, and ultimately improve student learning outcomes. We begin with the end in mind and envisage with you what success looks like.

Our commitment is helping you get there.