What influences learner outcomes?

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Join the dots to improve learner outcomes
Schools are a platform to a students' life, and your role as a teacher is to guide your students to success.

At Pearson, our dream is to help people progress in life through learning, and in the 21st century, we are living longer and technology is becoming more important to work, education and all aspects of life. This shift in lifestyle makes it clear that one this is important, and that is developing the skills in students to enable them to become lifelong learners, capable of learning, and growing on their own.

What skills are you fostering and developing in your teachers and students, to enable lifelong learning and success?

We can help you to join the dots to improve learner outcomes.

Improving learning outcomes and fostering skills for lifelong learning can be broken down into three key areas, the teacher, the learner and the classroom.

These three key areas are opportunities to improve learner outcomes at your school. We can start the journey to whole school improvement, by influencing or improving one area, and making teachers aware of how these key areas impact upon a learner, and learner outcomes.
Below we explore these areas in more detail
The Teacher, The Learner and The Classroom

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