The Teacher

"The evidence from many decades of research on what really enhances student learning…points to solutions such as improving teacher and school leader expertise." Professor John Hattie, The Politics of Distraction

We believe in the importance of developing 21st century skills in students, and believe this has to start with teachers. What is the best way to teach learning skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity in students?

"Children grow into the intellectual life of those around them" Vygotsky on the Zone of Proximal Development

If a teacher can’t think critically, how can they teach others to think critically? The first step has got to be developing these skills in teachers.

Pearson brings its expertise in the talent development space to education, assisting schools with employee attraction, selection and development, to enhance teacher and school leader expertise.

Download the Talent Resource Kit before 13 November 2015 and go in the draw to win a team building session based on the Golden Personality Type Profiler after March 2016 for up to 30 teachers/staff at your school worth $4500.

This workshop helps you:

  • Create a deeper understanding and appreciation of differences in others
  • Take the first step to creating a collaborative culture
  • Gain a better appreciation of team members’ personal styles, talents and growth opportunities
  • Build greater synergy between people
  • Resolve interpersonal conflict and improve relationships
  • Learn how to effectively interact with team members and your manager

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