Immersing children in all oral, written and visual language

Developed by leading educationalists and authors Jill Eggleton and the late Jo Windsor, and enjoyed by children in Australia and around the world.

With levelled books and resources from Pre-Emergent through to Advanced Fluency, Sails Literacy is the perfect program for Guided Reading and Writing, Shared and Independent Reading. Fiction and Nonfiction texts with humour and bright, colourful sophisticated designs that hook the reader and arouse curiosity.

The Sails Literacy series:

  • Develops children's enjoyment of language
  • Extends and enriches their vocabulary
  • Develops analytical thinking and comprehension skills
  • Stimulates imagination and supports creativity
  • Develops reading strategies
  • Helps understanding of purpose, structure and genre
  • Provides extensive teacher support at every level
Guided and Independent Reading
Sails-GuidedandIndependentReading From First Wave to MainSails, Sails Literacy provides carefully levelled fiction and nonfiction resources including progressive vocabulary to support student's language, reading, and oral development.

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Shared Reading
Sails-SharedReading Rhythm and rhyme, magic and humour. Big Books and Digital Resources with student books for follow up reading.

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Teacher Support
Sails-TeacherSupport A wealth of resources are available including Assessment Kits, Poetry and Audio CDs, Interactive Resources and Teacher's Guides.

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Sailing around the world
Sails-SailingAroundTheWorld Sails Literacy resources are loved by students and teachers globally, and has been translated into French and even Gaelic!