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Each of the twelve phases in the Rigby Literacy Collections series contains: Collections anthology (one per phase) and Guided reading books (five per phase). The series is also supported with Teacher resource books, Blackline master books and Listening post CD and BLMs.

Collections Anthology

The Rigby Literacy Collections series provides teachers with a strong base for the exploration of all text types. At the heart of this series are the anthologies, consisting of fiction and nonfiction titles. The anthologies have been organised according to level and cover the full range of genres explored in the classroom.


The anthologies feature fun magazine-style articles, short stories and fictional extracts that cover a variety of genres.


Each phase of Rigby Literacy Collections contains five guided reading books specifically designed to include at least four strong links to the related anthology.




Sample spread from Rigby Literacy Collections Level 3 Phase 1 Anthology
RLC-Amazing Idea
Sample spread from Rigby Literacy Collections Level 4 Phase 4: The Amazing Idea (Reading Level 29-30/F&P Levels T-U)

Guided Reading Books

The guided reading books in Rigby Literacy Collections cover short stories, chapter books, nonfiction books and picture books and are linked to the anthologies by genre, subject or character.


Each guided reading book has been designed for use in independent learning centre activities that follow the guided reading sessions. This gives teachers the opportunity to work with children in individual, small-group or whole-class sessions.

Teacher Resource Books

The teacher resource books provide brilliant support for planning and implementing a comprehensive literacy strategy for your classroom, catering for a diverse range of student reading abilities.


Teach a wide range of genres within your classroom with detailed notes for guided reading and writing, learning centre activities, independent skills-based work cards, and practical assessment tools such as checklists and running records.

Sample spread from Rigby Literacy Collections Level 6 Teacher's Resource Book
Sample spread from Rigby Literacy Collections Level 4 Blackline Master Book

Blackline Master Books

The blackline master books contain activities designed for small guided reading and writing groups, and for independent learning activities. This activities will help develop a students' understanding of various text type's structure, build on students' literal, inferential and reflective comprehension skills, and consolidate writing, spelling and grammar skills.

Listening Post Blackline Masters and CDs

The Listening Post blackline masters and CDs provide independent student activities that focus on a range of text types, designed to develop students' literacy skills.


The blackline masters include independent activity cards and comprehension worksheets that develop students' literal, inferential and reflective comprehension skills.



Rigby Literacy Collections Take-Home Library

Rigby Literacy Collections is supported by the Rigby Literacy Collections Take-Home Library, providing students with 56 fictional illustrated and engaging titles to read at home for fun and to support reading programs.


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