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Rapid Reading Hero

The rapid route to reading success

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Motivation and engaging

Hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books with a variety of engaging topics, from animals to space travel. Spark interest in even the most reluctant of readers!

Accessibility for learners

Scaffolded success

Rapid Reading provides scaffolded success through gradual, spiral progression and strong assessments.

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Age appropriate resources

Age appropriate readers for 7-14 year olds that are perfect for encouraging reading fluency and comprehension.

Support struggling readers

We understand that when it comes to helping struggling readers, sparking their interest and keeping it is a big part of the battle. Rapid Reading is a fantastic collection of finely levelled fiction and non-fiction books covering a variety of topics and themes that your children will love.

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Improve reading comprehension

  • Targeted at reluctant or struggling readers.
  • Highly stimulating topics with dyslexia-friendly fonts.
  • Chunked text interspersed with facts and jokes.
  • Finely levelled with benchmark texts.
  • Integrated quizzes and discussion topics.

Help your children catch up in phonics with Rapid Phonics!

  • 100% decodable readers.
  • Snappy Lesson plans and assessments.
  • Updated Assessment Guide and record forms.
  • Teaching Materials.
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What's included?

Rapid Reading

  • 72 Readers.
  • 9 Benchmark Books.
  • Teaching Guides.

Rapid Phonics

  • 52 Readers covering alphabet phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs, alternative spellings.
  • Teaching Guides.

Rapid Starter

  • 16 Readers.
  • 2 Benchmark Books.
  • Teaching Guide.

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