Bug Club Digital

Bug Club Digital delivers a direct, instructional and measurable approach to literacy learning within a framework that is interactive and stimulating. 

Bug Club Digital is suitable for whole class and small group teaching in the classroom, and for independent reading at school and at home.

Learn how literacy has evolved for 21st century classrooms with Bug Club Digital, our unparalleled online reading world.



An unparalleled world of online reading

Bug Club Digital includes over 440 expertly levelled fiction and non-fiction guided readers, plays, comics and graphic novels, plus an additional 41 phonic readers.

Over 2,000 interactive activities are embedded within the eBooks. Students are given immediate feedback and rewarded with coins. Students also earn coins after completing eBooks, which they can redeem on various games in their world.

Teachers can easily search and allocate eBooks to students. Teachers are able to view and record data about student reading performance.

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Support for Bug Club teachers

Help is at hand to support educators during the implementation of Bug Club Digital

  • Setting Up Your School and Getting Started Guide. These guides outline everything your need to get started with Bug Club.
  • Take-Home Parent Letter. We recommend you send this one page letter out to parents when introducing them to Bug Club Digital.
  • Bookmark template. Help students remember their login details by printing out this bookmark template.
  • Reading award template. Reward student reading achievements with this certificate.
  • Guided reading notes, blackline masters, curriculum correlation charts, extension activities and more available directly on Bug Club Digital.

Explore the bug club books

Explore the Bug Club books


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