Sharing Our Stories

Supporting cross-curriculum learning priorities with literacy resources

Sharing Our Stories is a literacy series for middle and upper primary students that helps to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies priority of the Australian Curriculum.

This unique series is flexible enough to be embedded into a History or Geography lesson, or used in English exercises involving shared reading, comprehension and promotion of critical literacy skills.

Each book looks at a different community within various Australian states and territories, ensuring the content is relevant to students nationwide. Then that community shares a story which conveys a message connected to the group's traditions or social conventions, illustrated with paintings and drawings by children from that community. Each book in the second series is linked to an engaging video filmed within the Indigenous community and available through Indigenous Place via Pearson Places.

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Australian Curriculum Correlations
illus-PPL-AC-logo-12PPL141.jpg Explore the Australian Curriculum links for First Australians: Plenty Stories and Sharing Our Stories series. Use the links on the right-hand side of this page to browse the various links to subjects such as English, Science, Mathematics and History.
Sharing Our Stories Videos
pearson-places-logo Each Sharing Our Stories book in the second series is enriched by a complimentary documentary video featuring Indigenous community members. Log in to your Pearson Places account and visit Indigenous Place to find these free videos.

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Indigenous Learning Activities

Explore forty-three Indigenous learning activities for lower, middle and upper primary students participating in english, history, maths and science lessons. Please note this resource is only visible on Indigenous Place to users who are logged in to a Pearson Places account with a school membership.

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Listen: Liz Thompson interview
headset-illustration Liz Thompson, author of Sharing Our Stories, talks in this ABC Radio National podcast in 2009 about the series, specifically The Frog and the Brolga Big Book.

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