Better practice makes
      better writers.  <em>MyWritingLab Global</em>.  Do your students struggle to write well or to use grammar and mechanics adequately?Are you concerned about their long-term academic success and employability?.  
      Are you fully occupied teaching your subject with no time for skills remediation?.  
      Are you being encouraged to 'use technology' to improve student performance?.
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Diagnostic Testing

MyWritingLab Global's diagnostic testing comprehensively assesses students' skills in grammar and punctuation. Students are given an individualised learning plan based on the results, identifying the areas where they most need help.

MyWritingLab Global has been specifically designed for students studying in Australasia and includes relevant spelling and cultural references where applicable.

My Writing Lab Global.  Transfer skill mastery into your own writing.

Progressive Learning

Students move from understanding and recalling important concepts, to repeating and applying them in a variety of exercises and finally incorporating them into their own writing.

This progression of
critical thinking enables students to master the skills and concepts they need to become successful academic writers.

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Online Gradebook

All student work in MyWritingLab Global is captured in the Online Gradebook. Students can monitor their own progress through reports detailing their scores on all of the course exercises and they can quickly see which topics they have mastered.

As a lecturer, you have access to detailed reports, such as class summaries that track the progress of your entire class and show individual student's details. You also have access to reports by topic and alerts.

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Watch: Apostrophes

Try a sample "Watch" activity. Students view a Watch activity before moving on to Recall, Apply and Write activities.


Lecturer approved

MyWritingLab Global is already being used by a number of Australian and New Zealand Universities.

Read about its implementation at The University of Western Sydney.


Student approved

"It targets your weak spots and caters to your individual study needs. The program goes above and beyond what your teacher/tutor can do for you."

-Alex Coffey, Auckland University


Success Stories

MyWritingLab Global has consistently and positively impacted the quality of learning in the composition classroom.
Read how it has helped students & instructors experience success.


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