We’re pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Pearson and ACODE Award for Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). This award celebrates innovative practice in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning across the Australasian (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands) Higher Education and Tertiary Sector.

We’re seeking to recognise higher education and tertiary educators, teams and staff members who have harnessed the power of technology to significantly enhance an organisation's Technology Enhanced Learning capabilities, and positively impact students' learning outcomes through innovative projects, practice and/or initiatives.


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What you'll find in this kit

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The award

The 2017 Pearson and ACODE Award for Innovation in TEL consists of

  • a plaque and 
  • a grant for A$20,000 awarded to the winning team or individual’s nominated Institutional professional development fund.


The winning nomination will be chosen by the Pearson & ACODE Awards Panel, consisting of ACODE LTLI (Learning Technologies Learning Institute) Faculty, ACODE Executive, a Pearson representative and well known Learning & Teaching Sector experts.

Winning entrants will be invited to attend an official presentation ceremony at the AFR Higher Education Summit to be held at the InterContinental Sydney, on 29-31 August 2017. The award recipient/s will also be requested to partake in an interview video as part of the dissemination of the Project and Award Outcomes.



This award is open to individuals or teams from any Australasian higher education and tertiary education provider employed by a campus in Australia, New Zealand and/or the Pacific Islands. Applications are welcome from all levels of appointment.

Examples may include:

  • Use of technology to enhance the way students learn

  • Use of technology to support development of teachers and improve pedagogical processes

  • Approaches to developing student/Staff digital literacies

  • Tools or approaches to facilitate peer/collaborative learning

  • Innovative use of technology in formative assessment and feedback

  • Innovative use of technology in diverse teaching environments e.g. labs, studios etc

  • Enterprise level implementation of innovative support for TEL


 Terms and Conditions for this award are available here.


Application process

The call for applications has been posted on the Pearson Australia and ACODE websites.

Applications will be evaluated based on the evidence provided in relation to the criteria below.

Each application must include the following documentation, completed in Verdana 10 point, with 1.5 line spacing:

  • Completed application form;
  • Link to online video to describe project, objectives, and aims and outcomes (3-5 minutes only);
  • Written response to all 4 awards criteria (one page per criteria, maximum 4 x A4 pages);
  • A ‘biography’ of no more than 50 words;
  • Additional written documentation and/or supporting evidence to demonstrate impact and success of the innovation (5 A4 pages maximum). This may include:

- Learning Analytics data
- Dissemination of innovation outcomes, perspectives or approaches
- Uptake and adoption data,
- Survey data or feedback,
- ACODE TEL Benchmark data  

Participating Institutions may also have collected aligned ACODE benchmark data across the following areas of relevance:

  • Staff professional development for the effective use of technology enhanced learning

  • Staff support for the use of technology enhanced learning

  • Student training for the effective use of technology enhanced learning

  • Student support for the use of technology enhanced learning

To see all of the ACODE Benchmarks please visit the ACODE site here.

Each application/proposal must:

  • Clearly indicate the designated project lead and members of the team or partners

  • Clearly demonstrate what is innovative about the project and how it has enhanced the student experience

  • Include clear aims and objectives aligned to a defined set of outcomes

  • Indicate how the project outcomes might embed lessons learned, share and disseminate good practice within the Australasian Higher Education sector

  • Provide permission to display/promote projects (Copyright)


Please avoid submitting raw data.

Please note that any material exceeding the specified maximums will not be considered by the panel.


Please submit all nominations via this online form.

The deadline for submissions is 11.59pm Monday19 June 2017.


Selection criteria

Application videos and supporting materials will be evaluated based on evidence provided in relation to the following criteria:

  1. Capability building & organisational impact – How has your TEL Initiative had substantial impact beyond our own Teaching or individual practice? For example: Discipline, School, College, Department or University-wide change initiatives designed to raise capabilities in resource development or teaching engagement in the online environment.

  2. Sustainability – How this type of innovation may be sustained in dynamic financial environments? For example, how this type of innovation can be easily sustained where staff mobility is a risk, or how the innovation may be scaled to meet flux in demand or budget?

  3. Reproducibility - How this type of innovation may be reproduced, re-adapted or replicated to meet demand (yours or other Universities)? For example, application of creative commons licensing, or submission of Learning Objects as OERs, or an initiative that may scale up to a ‘whole of University’ transformation.

  4. Student success - How this innovation supports Student Success and enhanced Learning outcomes. For example, evidenced attainment of enhanced marks or increased retention via the introduction of a TEL component or initiative.


Selection process

  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of ACODE LTLI (Learning Technologies Learning Institute) Faculty, ACODE Executive, a Pearson representative and well known Learning & Teaching Sector experts
  • The Award will normally be made to one applicant each year.
  • The panel reserves the right not to present an Award should it judge that the applications are not of a sufficiently high standard to meet the selection criteria.
  • As the panel’s decision on the successful awardee will be final, no correspondence about decisions will be entered into.
  • The names of all those applying and nominating will be held confidential.
  • Potential conflicts of interest between applicants and panel members will be disclosed. Panel members will abstain from the evaluation of any applicant for whom they have potential conflicts of interest.


Award presentation

The award will be presented at the 2017 AFR HED Summit, held at the InterContinental in Sydney from 29-31 August 2017. The Award will be presented by a Pearson Australia representative and an ACODE executive, who will briefly outline the purpose of the Award and the winner’s outstanding achievements in innovation in technology enhanced learning.

The winning application will also be disseminated across both the Pearson and ACODE website.


Use of award funds

In line with the purpose of this Award, the prize money is provided to further develop the winner’s contribution to innovative technology enhanced learning. Some suggestions include:

  • Funding the development of a teaching program or software

  • Funding the development of innovative teaching pilots or trials

  • Funding the development of a ‘new’ teaching projects

  • Payment towards an overseas trip to present teaching/learning papers at a relevant technology enhanced learning conference.



Application form

Please fill out this online Application Form


Contact us

Further details on the application process for this Award can be obtained by contacting:


Checklist for applicants

Please ensure that you have complied with the entry requirements in relation to this award.

Ensure that attachments are correctly and sequentially collated, the video link is accessible and any further supporting evidence is clearly labelled.

You final application should include:

  • Your completed Application Form

  • Link to video

  • Written statement against 4 x award criteria

  • Your ‘biography’

  • Any further supporting evidence