Pearson Australia provides awards to help acknowledge that striving for excellence as an educator is a vital part of an academic's role, and to highlight students who have shown ability and application in their studies. The aim of the awards is to encourage and recognise innovative teaching practices and student success.

We are also also the proud recipients of several Australian Educational Publishing Awards.

Educator Awards

Pearson currently offers The ACODE and Pearson Award for Innovation in Technology Enhanced Learning. It celebrates innovative practice in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning across Australasian (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands) Tertiary Education Sector.

Student Awards

Pearson recognises students' excellence in effort and dedication to their chosen field of study in Higher Education. To find out more about the Pearson Student of the Year Awards click here.

Educational Publishing Awards Australia

Pearson have been awarded a number of accolades celebrating achievements in educational publishing excellence.