In Conversation

In Conversation is where we chat with some of the leading thinkers and thought leaders in the education space.


#22: Tackling cyberbullying in schools

19 January 2017

Bullying 4

Lucy Thomas, co-founder of Project Rockit, explores the complex issue of cyberbullying.      


In conversation with Lucy Thomas

#21: Educator Effectiveness Survey: Australian Findings

5 December 2016


We chat to Dr. Katherine McKnight, Senior Research Scientist at RTI International, about interesting findings from the recent Educator Effectiveness Survey, and what they mean to Australian educators.     


In conversation with Katherine McKnight

#20 Empowering Teachers on World Teacher's Day

28 October 2016


We sit down with 5 educational thought leaders to find out more about the role of teacher empowerment.   


In conversation for World Teacher's Day

#19 Student Leadership and the Pearson Teacher of the Year Award

19 October 2016


We chatted to the 3 finalists of the Pearson Australia Teacher of the Year Award at the VicSRC Recognition Awards event about the importance of empowering students to be leaders within their school.   


In conversation with VicSRC Teacher of the Year award finalists

#18 Celebrating literacy in Indigenous Australian communities

7 September 2016


We'recelebrating Indigenous Literacy Day by chatting to Alice McNamara about her work with the Indigenous Literacy Fund (ILF), and her recent trip to Warbuton. 


In conversation with Alice McNamara


#17 EduTECH Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Australian Education

25 August 2016

EduTECH Panel Quote 1

David Barnett, Sonia Sharp, Dr Marcia Mardis, and Taj Pabari spend an evening discussing the current state of Australian education, and what today’s students need to be tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs.


In conversation with our EduTECH discussion panel


#16 Kate Torney: Libraries and Lifelong Learning

4 July 2016

Kate Torney Quote 3

Student Roving Reporter Vanessa Gillam chats to Kate Torney, CEO State Library of Victoria, about why libraries are still a hub of learning and curiosity for people of all ages .


In conversation with Kate Torney


#15 David Barnett: How Artificial Intelligence can put educators in the driving seat towards our future economy

AIEd 1

David Barnett, Managing Director of Pearson Australia, explores the huge possibilities AIEd can bring to learners of all ages and stages.


In conversation with David Barnett


#14 The Power of the Student Voice

May 18, 2016

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Roghayeh Sadeghi and Ash Pike discuss the power of the student voice and its effect on student well-being both in school and beyond.


The Power of the Student Voice


#13 Highlights from In Conversation 2015

December 23, 2015


Featuring viewpoints from Dr. Judy Willis, Keith McDougall, Jenny Luca, Eric Mazur, Dr. Inger Mewburn, Dr. Pip Wright, Sylvia Todd, Kim Sutton and John Hattie.


Voices from leading thinkers in education


#12 Professor John Hattie - The Politics of Distraction, Part 2

December 14, 2015

Hattie QUOTE 4 

Professor John Hattie explores the importance of testing in schools, the impact of technology and social media, and teacher education.


Part 2 - John Hattie's interview



#11 Professor John Hattie - The Politics of Distraction

December 5, 2015

Hattie Quote Tile 1 

Professor John Hattie explores the importance of collaboration, impact and expertise.


Part 1 - John Hattie's interview



#10 Kimberley Sutton - Making and creating: The Maker Movement in the classroom

November 23, 2015

Kim Sutton Quote Tile 2 

Kim Sutton discusses the impact of the Maker Movement on her students, and how creating in the classroom changes mindsets on success and learning.


Part 2 - Kim's story



#9 Super Awesome Sylvia - Making and creating: The Maker Movement and education

November 5, 2015

Sylvia Todd hero image 

Sylvia Todd discusses the Maker Movement, educating millenials, and her passion for creating and tinkering.


Part 1 - Sylvia's story



#8 Dr. Pip Wright - Life after a PhD: is it all smooth sailing? 

September 29, 2015

Pip Wright

Pip Wright shares her experience - limitations, expectations and observations - of life after a PhD. 


Part 2 - Pip's story



#7 Dr. Inger Mewburn - The teaching landscape of higher education

September 16, 2015


Dr Mewburn shares her insights into the world of higher education, PhDs, and academic research and teaching.

Interview - Dr Inger Mewburn


#6 David Barnett - Understanding learner needs

September 1, 2015


David Barnett presented a speech about the importance of understanding the learner's needs, at the Global Mindset Conference.

Speech - David Barnett


#5.2 Eric Mazur on transforming education outcomes and beyond

August 11, 2015


Part 2 continues Eric's conversation on how we need to change our learning spaces.

Interview - Eric Mazur #2


#5.1 How can we create classrooms full of engaged and actively learning students? - Eric Mazur

July, 2015


Eric discusses the improved learning outcomes observed in students, stemming from his original theories and teaching models of Peer to Peer Learning and Learning Catalytics

Interview - Eric Mazur #1


#4 The importance of partnerships in Education - David Barnett

June 2015


David discusses the importance of partnerships, and the founding principles of Pearson's partnership with Monash University.

Interview - David Barnett


#3.2 Understanding the impact that Personal Learning Networks can have on the teaching strategies of educators
- An Interview with Jenny Luca (Part 2)

June 16, 2015


Jenny discusses the impact that Personal Learning Networks can have on the teaching strategies of educators, as well as the positive effect that it can have on the students grades and attitude to learning.

Interview #3.2

#3.1 Delving into the world of Personal Learning Networks and examining how they can be applied in practice
- An Interview with Jenny Luca (Part 1)

June 10, 2015

Jenny Luca 3

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about PLNs (Personal Learning Networks)?

We interviewed Jenny Luca, director of ICT and eLearning at Toorak College, who shared her knowledge of Personal Learning Networks, drawing from years of experience as an educator, extensive research and involvement as a digital citizen and content creator. She provides a fresh perspective, combining her knowledge with a progressive attitude towards technology, social networking and how they can be applied in classrooms.

Interview #3.1

#2 Theoretical and Practical Insights on the Science of Learning
- An Interview with Dr. Judy Willis

May 15, 2015

In part two, we chat with renowned neurologist and neuroeducation consultant Dr. Judy Willis on the brain's role in improving learning outcomes. Dr. Judy Willis was also a keynote speaker at the Pearson Mind Brain Education Conference.

Interview #2

#1 Theoretical and Practical Insights on the Science of Learning
- An Interview with Keith McDougall

May 3, 2015


In the first part, we speak to Keith McDougall, Principal of Broadmeadows Primary School, about personalised education and nurturing children to reach their full potential.

Interview #1