Working with Children and Families: Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues : 9781741032291

Working with Children and Families: Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues

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Pearson Australia
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For 1st year to 4th year Early Childhood education courses.
Working with Children and Families: Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues is a readable and useable reference that examines ethics in the light of professionalism and legal issues.
Each chapter begins with reflection points and students are encouraged to use these points to help monitor their own learning process. Each topic is accompanied by mini case studies or stories to help them ground their reading in their experiences or daily practice, this will enhance their grasp of the concepts, principles and practices relating to professional ethics.
This text is designed to stimulate thought, reflection and discussion by helping students and professionals prepare for, or better deal with, those aspects of early childhood education that require ethical judgement on issues and demand the burden of choice.
Table of contents
1. Your role in professional, ethical and legal issues
2. Exploring Values
3. Working with Legal Frameworks
4. Becoming and Remaining a Professional
5. Understanding Ethics
6. Ethical issues in Work with Children and Families
7. Encountering the Ethics of Care
8. Legal and ethical perspectives on privacy: a conversation.
9. Family and professional decision making: Cochlear implants
10. Values frameworks for inclusive education
Features & benefits
·         Reflection Points - questions posed at the beginning of each chapter help focus readers on the issues raised in the chapter.
·         Cases in point short, one paragraph scenarios at the beginning of the chapter that contextualize the issues.
·         End of the chapter questions relate back to the opening scenario encouraging students to apply what they have learnt.
·         Ethics in action highlighted boxes that clarify important points followed by a question asking students to consider.
Author biography
Dr Linda Newman, Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney
Ms Lois Pollnitz, School of Education, University of Newcastle