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Practising Education

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The text critically engages with our common perceptions of the macro and micro practices that constitute the workings and effects of educational systems and settings - from individual assessment in the classroom through to recent trends in devolution and school based management.
Table of contents


  1. Why Practices
    Daphne Meadmore
  2. From the Panopticon to the Playground: Disciplinary Practices
    Gordon Taitt
  3. When the Stakes are High: Assessment Practices
    Daphne Meadmore
  4. Troubles Minds: Behaviour Management Practices
    Jill Brannok
  5. It's all up to the individual-isn't it?
    Miriam Henry
  6. Still a Problem: Gendered Schooling Practices
    Sandra Taylor
  7. Cultural Implications: Achieving Anti-Discriminatory Practices
    Bruce Burnett
  8. Managing State Education: Devolving Practices
    Peter Meadmore
  9. Making A Difference?: School and Community Practices
    Neil Cranston, John Dwyer & Brigid Limerick
  10. True Professions! Teacher 'Professionalising' Practices
    Erica McWilliam
  11. Looking Forward: New Trends and Future Practices
    Ann Hickling-Hudson
Features & benefits
  • A practice based companion to Meadmore et al, Understanding Education.
  • Aims to give students a set of analytical tools to examine educational practices and the assumptions that underpin them.
  • Features case studies and vignettes to facilitate student understanding of these concepts.
  • Adopts a cultural studies and social theory approach to recent, residual and future education practices.
  • Provides students with an introduction to postmodernist study of education.
Author biography
  • Daphne Meadmore, Bruce Burnett and Gordon Taitt lecture in the school of Cultural and Language Studies, within the faculty of Education at QUT.