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Exam Ref 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (2e) : 9781509304592
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Exam Ref 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (2e)

By Zoiner Tejada, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Ike Ellis
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The Exam Ref is the official study guide for Microsoft certification exams. Featuring concise, objective-by-objective reviews and strategic case scenarios and Thought Experiments, exam candidates get professional-level preparation for the exam. The Exam Ref helps candidates maximise their performance on the exam and sharpen their job-role skills. It organises material by the exam's objective domains. This book helps professionals prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-532--and demonstrate real-world mastery of Microsoft Azure solution development. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1:  1. Design and implement websites   
  • Objective 1.1 Deploy websites 
  • Objective 1.2 Configure websites 
  • Objective 1.3 Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics 
  • Objective 1.4 Implement web jobs 
  • Objective 1.5 Configure website for scale and resilience 
  • Objective 1.6 Design and implement applications for scale and resilience 
  • Chapter 2: Create and manage virtual machines  
  • Objective 2.1 Deploy workloads on Azure virtual machines  
  • Objective 2.2 Create and manage a VM image or virtual hard disk 
  • Objective 2.3 Perform configuration management 
  • Objective 2.4 Configure virtual machine networking 
  • Objective 2.5 Scale virtual machines 
  • Objective 2.6 Design and implement virtual machine storage 
  • Objective 2.7 Monitor virtual machines 
  • Chapter 3:  Design and implement cloud services  
  • Objective 3.1 Design and develop a cloud service 
  • Objective 3.2 Configure cloud services and roles 
  • Objective 3.3 Deply a cloud service 
  • Objective 3.4 Monitor and debug a cloud service 
  • Chapter 4: Design and implement a storage strategy  
  • Objective 4.1 Implement Azure storage blobs and Azure files 
  • Objective 4.2 Implement Azure storage tables 
  • Objective 4.3 Implement Azure storage queues 
  • Objective 4.4 Manage access 
  • Objective 4.5 Monitor storage 
  • Objective 4.6 Implement SQL databases 
  • Chapter 5: Manage application and network services  
  • Objective 5.1  Integrate an app with Azure Active Directory 
  • Objective 5.2 Configure a virtual network 
  • Objective 5.3 Modify network configuration 
  • Objective 5.4 Design and implement a communication strategy 
  • Objective 5.5 Monitor communication 
  • Objective 5.6 Implement caching 
Features & benefits
  • Provides exam preparation tips written by Microsoft Azure experts
  • Covers Exam 70-532  Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Organises its coverage by the exam objectives
  • Features strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge the exam candidate