Pearson Science 9 Student Book + Pearson eBook (2e) : 9781488615030

Pearson Science 9 Student Book + Pearson eBook (2e)

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Retaining the market-leading inquiry approach to science learning with new and updated content informed by feedback from users of the first edition.

Access to Pearson eBook is by subscription to last you for the school year. From the point of activation, you will have access to the product for 15 months to ensure you can get maximum usage of it over the year and beyond. Pearson eBook provides you with the student book digitally online, or offline, for any device. It looks like the pages of the book, so you can easily direct students to page references without wasting time. Plus, you can access it anywhere as you don't need an internet connection, once you download it.

Features & benefits
Key features of the Student Book
  • Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes has completed a thorough literacy review to ensure that learners are even more supported in this edition with a greater use of visuals, increased scaffolding and clearer explanation of key terms.
  • A focus on Australian Innovations and Future Careers in STEM written to promote the importance of science in solving problems and expose students to exciting career opportunities.
  • Questions offering a broader range of entry levels throughout the book.
  • More focus on thinking, inquiring and research skills with a new Inquiry section at the end of each chapter.
  • Fully reviewed and updated practical activities carried out by an experienced lab technician. All practical activities now align with revised school safety regulations and also utilise more readily available materials ensuring these activities are even more accessible.
  • A greater range and variety of new practical activities featuring Student Designed Investigations and STEM activities.
  • New STEM4Fun features also appear throughout, taking Science4Fun to a new level.
  • A focus on scientific concepts and inquiry skills with opportunities to learn, investigate and practise these skills.
  • A series of ‘Step up’ Chapters to prepare and launch students into senior science courses. The Year 9 student book features a step up chapter on Psychology. The Year 10 student book features step up chapters on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Each Student Book comes with Pearson eBook, a digital version of the student book, available for both online and offline use.
Key features of Pearson eBook
  • A simple digital solution that will work on any device* in online and offline in every school. *PC/Mac, Android tablet, iPad and smartphone
  • Contains all student book content.
  • Faithful to the layout of the student book, so you can reference the printed page and direct students straight to content.
  • Student resources including digital assets designed specifically to assist learning.
Series overview
Pearson Science Second Edition retains all the much loved features of the market leading Pearson Science First Edition, with improved, updated content and a brand new digital offering to make assessment and tracking of individual and class progress simple. The new edition offers complete coverage of all Content Descriptors and all Elaborations of the latest Australian Curriculum: Science (Version 8) and Victorian Curriculum: Science (2017). We’ve also enhanced the series with improved differentiation throughout as well as the integration of STEM and student designed investigation.

Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes has completed a thorough literacy review to ensure that learners are even more supported in this edition with increased scaffolding, clearer explanation of key terms and improved navigation pathways. This approach in the student book is reinforced through new, research-based literacy building activities and teacher support.

This series includes Student Books, Pearson eBook, Lightbook Starter, Activity Books, Teacher Companions, Pearson Science Second Edition Custom, and Product Linked Learning.

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