Discovering Geography (Middle Primary Fiction Topic Book): Lost at Lake Mungo (Reading Level 27/F&P Level R) : 9781486015733

Discovering Geography (Middle Primary Fiction Topic Book): Lost at Lake Mungo (Reading Level 27/F&P Level R)

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Ivanoff, George
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Pearson Australia
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Year 3T class is visiting the site of Lake Mungo in New South Wales. Lucy understands how special and important the place is. Josh and Leo want to make their visit a bit more exciting. They will find themselves in a very tricky situation…

Key concepts:
AC Content Descriptions:
The similarities and differences in individuals and groups feelings and perceptions about places, and how they influence views about the protection of these places.

Discovering Geography
is a comprehensive, three-level resource that assists with the implementation, lesson planning and on-going teaching of the Australian Curriculum: Geography F-6.

This book is classified as Reading Level 27 / Fountas and Pinnell Level R. Visit our Levelled readers page for further information on reading levels.

Features & benefits
Key features of the series:
  • Provides a clear integrated pedagogy for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Geography F-6.
  • Offers engaging and varied levelled text types to inspire students.
  • Builds on the popular Discovering History series.
  • Written by experienced teachers with Geography expertise using current best teaching practice.
Author biography
George Ivanoff is a Melbourne author and stay-at-home dad. He is best known for his You Choose series and Gamers trilogy. He has also written over 70 educational books. It was his family’s holiday to Lake Mungo that inspired Lost at Lake Mungo for the Discovering Geography series.
Series overview
This series is comprised of Teacher Resource Books for Lower, Middle and Upper Primary with linked Picture Cards and Student Topic Books (fiction, nonfiction and comic books). All components are integrated to address fully the curriculum.
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