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Pearson English Year 6: Governing Australia - Australia's Government (Reading Level 30++/F&P Level W-Y) : 9781486008551

Pearson English Year 6: Governing Australia - Australia's Government (Reading Level 30++/F&P Level W-Y)

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Ivanoff, George
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Pearson Australia
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Read Australia’s Government to find out the answers to these questions.

  •  What are the three levels of government in Australia?
  • How do the different levels of government cooperate with each other?
  • What is the role of parliament?
  • How are laws actually made?
  • Where does the Australian system of government come from?

This reader is classified as Reading Level 30++ / Fountas and Pinnell Level W-Y. Visit our Levelled readers page for further information on reading levels.

Features & benefits
  • Built from the ground up for the Australian Curriculum: English
  • Latest research utilised to optimise teaching and learning
  • Developed with over 200 educators across Australia - it's been designed with you and your students in mind
  • Flexible resource: choice in mode of delivery, choice in content and choice in learning pathway
  • Unrivalled content for digital classrooms with Pearson English Digital providing student magazines at different reading levels and audio texts to cater for differentiation, over 120 interactive games targeting spelling, grammar and punctuation skills, quizzes, scope and sequence charts, videos, learning activities, graphic organisers, assessments and evaluations, recommended reading lists and weblinks
  • select from 8 topics for each year level; History, Science, Geography, Civics & Citizenship and Health & Physical Education.
  • Each topic includes rich and engaging learning activities based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy allowing students to work through lower order (remembering, understanding, applying) to higher order (analysing, evaluating, creating) thinking skills.
  • All texts are broadly aligned to the Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient
  • Differentiated texts, activities and support for every student, including EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) students
Target audience
Suitable for students in Year 6
Series overview
Pearson English 3-6 gives each student every opportunity to learn.

Pearson English 3-6 is an award-winning, flexible series of resources, designed to successfully support the Australian Curriculum: English for Years 3-6 within the context of topics from other curriculum areas. Developed using extensive research, including feedback from over 200 Australian educators, Pearson English 3-6 has been designed to address the needs of you and your students.

This series is all about choice. You can customise a teaching and learning solution that suits you best. Choose the mode of delivery (digital, print and blended options available), choose the content (each year level has 8 topics from a variety of other curriculum areas to select from) and choose the learning pathway for your students (Pearson English 3-6 caters for all students with differentiated support for above, on and below level, and EAL/D students).

Each text in Pearson English 3-6 is supported with a range of rich and engaging learning activities, with a strong focus on 21st century learning skills. Each topic also has a range of assessment options, to inform teaching and recognise achievement.
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