Heinemann Physics 11 Enhanced (3e) : 9781442554054

Heinemann Physics 11 Enhanced (3e)

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Heinemann Physics Enhanced has been updated to support the VCE Physics Study Design.

The text supports students' learning in physics and while making the subject interesting, enjoyable and meaningful. Clear and concise language is used. All concepts have been fully explored, first in general and then illustrated in context. Illustrative material is relevant, varied and appealing to a wide range of students.

Table of contents
  1. Nuclear physics and radioactivity
  2. Concepts in electricity
  3. Electric circuits
  4. Aspects of motion
  5. Newton's laws
  6. Momentum, energy, work and power
  7. The nature of waves
  8. Models for light
  9. Mirrors, lenses and optical systems
  10. Astronomy
  11. Astrophysics
  12. Energy from the nucleus
  13. Investigations: flight
  14. Investigations: sustainable energy sources
  15. Medical physics
Features & benefits
  • lesson-sized, self contained sections
  • extension and enrichment material clearly indicated
  • wide range of well-graded end-of-section questions and chapter reviews
  • up-to-date content with the very latest developments and applications of physics
  • simpler design for easier navigation and access to content
  • all questions have been reviewed and updated as appropriate.
Author biography
Doug Bail
Is an experienced physics educator and writer with a particular interest in the development and integration of new technologies into science teaching. He has previously been a head of science and senior physics teachers, and maintains a passion for making physics relevant, stimulating and accessible to all students. Doug now runs his own company, developing and distributing products for physics education throughout Australasia.

Keith Burrows
Has been teaching senior physics in Victorian schools for many years. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Physics Victorian Education Committee and was actively involved with the VCAA in the design of the new course. He is particularly keen to portray 'the big picture' of physics to students.

Rob Chapman
From the time Rob started teaching physics, the Earth has completed around 30 orbits of the Sun and mobile phones have shrunk from brick-size to wafer-thin. Rob has been enthusiastic in exploring the possibilities presented by changing technologies over the years. He has been Science Coordinator at St Columbas College in Essendon, where he was instrumental in introducing the datalogging technology to junior science and senior physics classes. He has also written a wide variety of curriculum support materials and has produced a physics study guide and trial examination papers.

Carmel Fry
Has over 22 years' involvement in the development of text, CD and online curriculum materials for VCE Physics and Science. She is Head of Science at Ivanhoe Grammar school where she continues her interest in providing high quality curriculum resources and learning experiences for students. She has also led the development of interactive tutorials.

Series overview

Heinemann Physics 11 Enhanced won Best Secondary Student Resources: Senior at the 2012 Australian Education Publishing Awards

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