Quoi de neuf ? 1 Activity Book : 9781442520110

Quoi de neuf ? 1 Activity Book

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With Quoi de neuf ? students are invited to explore French language and culture through contemporary bandes dessinées drawn by a professional French graphic artist based in Lyon. Up-to-date photographs shot on location, along with authentic French texts and realia also enable deep reflection and engagement.


Features & benefits

The Activity Book complements the Student Book with carefully sequenced activities designed to practise and consolidate the language structures, macro skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) and learning covered in the Student Book.

The activities also reinforce and extend knowledge of French and French-speaking communities and cultures. Tasks at the beginning and end of each unit enable students to reflect on their own learning, developing greater intercultural competence and language learning strategies.

Author biography
Judy Comley, the lead author of the Quoi de neuf ! series, has been actively involved in French education in Victoria for over 30 years. This includes a long career in secondary schools as Years 7-12 teacher, French co-ordinator, Network leader and assessor for VCE oral examinations. She has been awarded Victorian French Teacher of the Year, was a writer for the VCAA’s Victorian Essential Learning Standards Progression Points in the LOTE domain and was the lead author of the Touché ! series.

Philippe is Head of LOTE at Bialik College and is President of the Association of French Teachers of Victora. He has written components of Touché !, Ça alors ! and Ça y est !, and has co-written the Quoi de neuf ? Activity Books 1 and 2 and consulted on the student books.

Target audience
Suitable for year 7 students of French.
Series overview

Quoi de neuf ? is a national series for lower-secondary French, combining up-to-date and engaging language content with a greater focus on students' intercultural competence.

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Visit our Quoi de neuf ? website where you can download sample pages and access the latest information about the series.

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