Corporate Responsibility: governance, compliance and ethics in a sustainable environment (2e) : 9780273738732

Corporate Responsibility: governance, compliance and ethics in a sustainable environment (2e)

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This new edition of Corporate Responsibility starts with a fundamental shift in perspective from the previous edition by highlighting the shift from corporate responsibility being a vital business issue, to being the vital issue facing business. In the process the author brings together a comprehensive guide to the subject to addressing contemporary developments in both theory and practice.

A distinct intellectual framework is developed which highlights the ways the issues at the heart of Corporate Responsibility hang together. This links the ethics which underpin the values of corporations and their leadership to the way they exercise their responsibilities as stewards not just of their business but of the natural, human and built environment which they affect. Up-to-the minute research is integrated with case studies that allow the teacher, student and researcher to access the body of contemporary knowledge while responding to a rapidly changing landscape.

Table of contents

1. Corporate Social responsibility: the emerging agenda

2. The corporate and social/economic challenge

3. Defining corporate social responsibility

4. The role and function of business in society

5. Business ethics

6. Codes of behaviour

7. The nature and evolution of corporate governance

8. Standards, safety and security

9. The greening of economies and corporations – the sustainability challenge

10 Sustainability – the opportunities and challenges

11 Managing a sustainable business

12 Embedding CSR practice

13 The built environment

14 Ways forward and conclusions

New to this edition

Corporate Responsibility has been restructured from the previous edition to allow:

·         Greater emphasis to the global challenges of Corporate Responsibility

·         Space for the policy initiatives that have emerged.

·         New Chapters on CSR Practice Internationally, Codes of Behaviour and the Nature and Evolution of Corporate Governance

·         Detailed examination of contemporary events such as BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Disaster, the widening gap between CEO remuneration and that of others, concerns about corporate tax avoidance.

·         Essential material for the successful study of international business.

Author biography

Tom Cannon has held senior academic appointments in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and is currently Professor of Strategic Development at the University of Liverpool.