Issues in Management Accounting (3e) : 9780273702573
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Issues in Management Accounting (3e)

By Trevor Hopper, Robert Scapens, Deryl Northcott
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Pooling the expertise of leading researchers Issues in Management Accounting critically explores a broad range of issues in a concise, digestible style.

Both students and practitioners specialising in this area will find this book an essential guide to the many developments affecting management accounting theory and practice.

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Pearson United Kingdom
Table of contents

Authors:Trevor Hopper, Deryl Northcott and Bob Scapens
Section I: The Changing Nature of Management Accounting:
Chapter 1: Management Accounting and Changing Operations Management
Authors: Allan Hansen and Jan Mouritsen
Chapter 2: Management Accounting for Consumerism
Author: Ingrid Jeacle
Chapter 3: Interactions Between Modern Information Technology and Management Control
Authors:Niels Dechow, Markus Granlund and Jan Mouritsen
Chapter 4: Globalisation and the International Convergence of Management Accounting
Authors:Cristiano Busco, Elena Giovannoni and Angelo Riccaboni
Chapter 5: National Culture and Management Control
Authors:Graeme Harrison and Jill McKinnon
Chapter 6: The Changing Role of Management Accountants
Authors:John Burns and Gudrun Baldvinsdottir
Section II: ‘New’ Management Accounting Techniques
Chapter 7: Activity-based Costing and Management: A Critical Review
Author:Maria Major
Chapter 8: The Balanced Scorecard
Authors:Hanne Norreklit and Falconer Mitchell
Chapter 9: Strategic Investment Appraisal
Authors:Deryl Northcott and Fadi Alkaraan
Chapter 10: Strategic Management Accounting
Author:Beverley R. Lord
Chapter 11: Performance Measurement
Author: Lin Fitzgerald
Section III: ‘New’ Applications of Management Accounting
Chapter 12: Does EVA add value?
Authors: Jan Bouwens and Roland F. Speklé
Chapter 13: Management Control in Inter-organisational Relationships
Authors:Kalle Kraus and Johnny Lind
Chapter 14: Management Accounting and Accountants in the Public Sector
Authors:Jodie Moll and Christopher Humphrey
Chapter 15: Knowledge Resources and Management Accounting
Author:Hanno Roberts
Section IV: Understanding Management Accounting Change
Chapter 16: Managing Accounting Change
Author:Sven Modell
Chapter 17: Management Accounting Innovations: Origins and Diffusion
Authors:Christian Ax and Trond Bjørnenak
Chapter 18: The Relevance of the Past
Authors:Richard Fleischman and Warwick Funnell
Chapter 19: Economic Research on Management Accounting
Authors: Robert F. Göx and Alfred Wagenhofer
Chapter 20: Qualitative Research on Management Accounting: Achievements and Potential
Author:Juhani Vaivio

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Management Accounting for consumerism

The balanced scorecard

National culture and management control

The changing role of management accountants

Management Accounting and accountants in the public sector

Knowledge Resources and Management Accounting