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Play at the Center of the Curriculum (5e)

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Play at the Center of the Curriculum is a resource for those who want to engage children in a developmental zone where children and teachers are learning. Current and future teachers are guided in methods of supporting children’s progress through play.

This book carefully blends theory and practice. As seasoned teachers, we demonstrate how to draw both the methods and the content of a successful curriculum from children’s play. We interweave anecdotes of children’s play, theories of play and development, and instructional strategies that place play at the center of the curriculum.

Table of contents
  1. Looking at Play Through Teachers’ Eyes
  2. Play and Development: Theory
  3. Play as the Cornerstone of Development: The Literature 
  4. Orchestrating Children’s Play: Setting the Stage
  5. Orchestrating Play: Interactions with Children
  6. Play as a Tool for Assessment
  7. Mathematics in the Play-Centered Curriculum
  8. Language, Literacy, and Play
  9. Science in the Play-Centered Curriculum
  10. The Arts in the Play-Centered Curriculum
  11. Play and Socialization
  12. Outdoor Play
  13. Play, Toys, and Technology
  14. Conclusions: Integrating Play, Development, and Practice


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New to this edition
• A new chapter, Outdoor Play by Jane P. Perry, widely recognized for her work on children’s play, including the key role of outdoor environments and intentional teacher practices. This chapter highlights insightful anecdotes from the author’s research and practice regarding the importance of physically active play, child-initiated play and inquiry, and children’s connections with the natural environment. • Updated throughout and features discussions of current early childhood education practice, professional literature, and policies that support play-based curriculum. • A new icon highlights numerous sections and examples that address children and families from diverse cultures and backgrounds, children who are English Language Learners, and children with special needs • Numerous new anecdotes and current references that illustrate and support important concepts and examples of theory, research, and best practices. • Elaborated focus and discussion on the importance of spontaneous and guided play. • All content area-oriented chapters feature new or expanded sections written to assure that this fifth edition is timely and current.
Features & benefits
  • Anecdotes - Practical observations from the classroom related to play and education are included in each chapter.
  • When Teachers Talk - Most chapters include this section that addresses some of the challenging issues and questions that                                         teachers have raised.
  • Summary and Conclusion
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