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100 Principles of Game Design eBook

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    Written by a team of instructors at a top games school in the U.S., Game Design Principles is the first one-stop reference book for seasoned designers or beginning design students to turn to when the going gets tough, or any time they need a little inspiration to solve a problem.


    These universal, general design principles are gleaned from fields as disparate as architecture, neuroscience, and marketing, and  brought together and presented in ways game designers can apply directly to games. The book focuses on finite, individual principles rather than broader ideas and approaches. Richly designed with infographics, illustrations, and schematics, each principle is easy to understand and memorable. 


    Game Design Principles is specifically designed to itemise, describe, and explain the principles behind the process of designing video games.

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    Published date
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    Pearson Higher Ed USA
    Table of contents
    • Introduction - What is this book? How to use it.
    • Universal Principles For The Design Process
    • Design by committee
    • The 80/20 Rule
    • The four ways to be creative
    • Universal Principles For Game Creation
    • Operant conditioning - the Skinner Box
    • Rock Paper Scissors (game theory)
    • Volunteer’s Dilemma (game theory)
    • Memory games vs. Skill games
    • Theories of fun
    • Cognitive Biases - Anchoring Bias, Availability Bias, Confirmation Bias, Commision Bias
    • Motivation via: Food/Sex/Movement/Faces/Stories/Surprise
    • Universal Principles For Game Balancing
    • Supply/Demand
    • Scarcity
    • Conspicuous Consumption
    • Synergy
    • Gestalt
    • The “Strong Tie”
    • Universal Principles For Troubleshooting
    • Attention Vs. Perception
    • Instant/Delayed Gratification
    • Seven Universal Emotions
    • Cultural Conundrums
    Author biography

    Wendy Despain is a contract game designer, writer and teacher who has wide experience in games and viral media. Her credits include narrative designer on "Gardens of Time," named the Best Social Game of 2011 by GDC Online, and consultant on the design of Cartoon Network's successful MMO "Fusion Fall."


    Despain was also the lead designer andproducer on Alternative Reality Games (ARG's) for Gene Roddenbery's "Andromeda" and "Earth: Final Conflict," and served as writer and/or designer on a variety of children's games such as "Bratz: Forever Diamondz" and "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks." She runs her own consultancy called Quantum Content, works in association with International Hobo, and teaches online classes to game design students at Full Sail University.

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